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How To Make An iMovie

How To Make

An iMovie

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Screenshot by: Dylan B.

Hello! It’s Dylan B., and I’m in Mrs. Yollis’ 2016 - 2017 class. I am the 3rd place winner from Family Blogging Month. You might know me, I’m a regular commenter and I’m here to teach you how to make an iMovie on the iPad.

Here is a movie I made
called How to Make an iMovie! Watch and learn!

Here are some written directions for you! Read and learn! 

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Screenshot by: Dylan B.

Search for the iMovie app on your iPad. If it's not on your iPad, it’s about $5. To open a new movie project, click on the little + sign in the northeast corner.

iMovie New.png
Screenshot by: Dylan B.

When you click on the + it will lead you to options, Trailer or Movie.
Screenshot by: Dylan B.



Screenshot by: Dylan B.

If you choose Trailer, there will be choices for themes. You will click on the theme you want and then press create. Then it will take you to this screen with an outline.

Screenshot by: Dylan B.

To take a photo or video you go to, Storyboard, Camera, then choose if you want photo or video
If you want the video, choose video and the circle will be red.
If you want the regular camera, choose photo, and it will be gray.

If you don't like the video you just filmed you can press the trash can, to delete it.



Screenshot by: Dylan B.
Once again, there will be some choices of themes. You will click on the theme you want and then you will press create.

If you choose Movie, your screen will look like this.
Screenshot by: Dylan B.

This time when you want to take a picture or video, you will click on the camera and operate it like your regular Apple camera.

If you want to add sound, drag the cursor into the right spot of the movie clip and click the microphone, then press record.

Have you ever made a movie?

What would be a good subject for a movie?


  1. Dear Dylan B.,

    I believe you are one fabulous movie maker. One reason I think that is because you created such a fabulous tutorial. The video has all the elements needed to begin a movie. You taught us all how to film, adjust the audio, retitle the file, and you even included transitions! Another reason I think you are an outstanding movie maker is because you told the story in a simple, yet clear way. I think that the entire class could create a movie after watching your tutorial. Your written instructions helped make a connection with people who prefer to read. Anyone can see, you are the next Steven Spielberg of tutorials for the elementary classroom!

    Mrs. Y♥llis

  2. Dear Dylan B.,

    I like the video you made. I think it is very useful to people who don't know how to use iMovie.

    In my math class we had to create a movie using iMovie. Since I am in accelerated math, I had to explain a topic and record it for every other class to see and learn from. My topic was multiplying integers.

    I like how you can add music in the movie. I have made a ton of mistakes with it though. I made a transition for 1,000,000 seconds and in the presentation I had to stop to fix it!

    Can you tell me what mistakes you have made and what features you really like about iMovie?

    Chance C.

    1. Dear Chance,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment.

      I never knew it was possible to make a transition longer than the set default time, but I think I may have seen it before. I have a feeling that after this post I made, we’re going to have some pretty fantastic movie makers in our classroom.

      Movie making is hard because when you film the shots, they have to be perfect. But, when you get to edit the movie, it’s like a dream come true.

      What are some good movie titles that you came up with? Would you like to be a movie director or producer?

      Have fun making movies and sharing with your friends,
      Dylan B. (Writer of this blog post and Family Blogging Month 3rd place winner.)

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis, Dylan B., and class,

    In my opinion making iMovies is fun!

    One reason is you can make your own movie! I think that is cool because you can edit everything, and pretend you are a real movie maker. It takes some time, but it is still very fun to do! Another reason is you get to act out the parts. It is fun to act out different parts in movies. You also can have a pretend name like Flame or Blaze. Someone can film you too. You can edit the video so there is music, sounds, and other stuff. The last reason is you get to show the movie. When you are done with the movie, you can show it or share it with people. You can even look at your movie! After going through everything, making iMovies is great!

    One time I was at Dylan’s house and we made an iMovie called “The Death Of Strike.” It was a great and amazing movie. He had costumes so that made it better. We acted out parts, edited it, and showed it to his mom.

    Have fun making iMovies!


    1. Dear Nolan,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. I agree with what you said, that "you can edit everything, and pretend you are a real movie maker." It is really amazing and really slow going at times, as you probably already know.

      iMovie is really easy, fun, and cool. I would recommend iMovie on the iPad to beginners. If you get better, try it on the computer. If you get it n the computer it is about $10-$15 Then, if you get better than that, take a movie-making class. Of course, it’s not cheap because you have to buy a real movie camera. At the beginning you would probably rent one, but if you liked the class, then you could actually buy one. Movie cameras can be from $400-$1,500+!

      Have fun making movies, and sharing with your friends,
      Dylan B.

  4. @ Dylan B,

    Out of all the movies I have watched I think your iMovie is the best . It is awesome because anybody can be creator. For instance, you got to be the creator and star of your movie. Also you get to choose the topic. You chose to make your iMovie about how to make an Imovie. In my opinion, you made a great iMovie.


  5. Dear Dylan B,

    I think iMovie is the best program to make a movie.. First of all, iMovie lets you pick trailers to do. Today I did the trailer horror. You can use pictures from your camera roll in your trailer. Based on what I know iMovie is a enjoyable app.


  6. Dear Ari♥na,

    Thank you for your wonderful blog comment!

    I liked to see that you learned from my blog post. I never knew that you could add photos from your camera roll to a trailer. I like the horror trailer too. Movie making takes a lot of time, talent, persistence, and effort.

    Have fun making movies and sharing with your friends,
    Dyl♥n B.


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