Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Open House ♥ 2016

Welcome to our Open House!

So much learning on display!

Polygon People
What is your perimeter? 
Use distributive property to solve. 

Symmetry Photography

What is a beautiful photo project!  

Origami Stars

Charlotte's Web Collaborative Comics

Fractional Names
Do you have more vowels or consonants in your name?



It has been a great year with Google Apps for Education. 
Have your child share their Google Site!

Biography Bonanza!

So many interesting and important people in the room tonight!
Who did you enjoy learning about?

Badger Claws Journals
What did you learn about this little Chumash boy?

Gorilla Corner
Lots of learning! Gorilla reports, a rain forest, and a life size gorilla. How did you arm span compare to the 8' gorilla span? 

I Would Love to Be A... (Poetry)

Movie Center

A Journey Through the Alphabet, Meet the Dictionary, or our National Geographic Giant Traveling Map video.

This year, Mrs. Yollis opened up a green screen photo booth. Students took photos of their favorite project and put it in an "Open House" album on our ipad. At Open House, Mrs. Yollis took a family photo and then the students created a Do Ink photo! Families were able to be photographed inside a favorite project! 

Here are the fun results!

Parents, how did you like your Open House?

What was your favorite?

Please leave a comment to share with the class. Remember, do not provide any private information. Do NOT give out our school name, our community name, or your last name.

Thanks for a great year of learning and a fun evening!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Meet the Dictionary!

A resource that we have used quite frequently this year is the dictionary. To celebrate this great book, we made a Do Ink video celebrating the dictionary. There are many parts!


We created this movie on the ipad using a green screen, Do Ink, iMovie, and the camera roll.

An online dictionary has many of the same features!

What are some words that you have looked up?

Please, help us learn your word by leaving us an 
original example sentence!

A Journey Through the Alphabet!

Over the last month, we worked with our reading buddies to create an alphabet movie. Our Journeys buddies will be graduating soon and will start kindergarten next year. The movie was a great way to review the 26 letters of the alphabet. 

First, each pair of buddies was given a letter. Then each pair chose an animal that started with that letter. Masks were made and a script was written that included the letter sound. A fun fact about the animal accompanies each segment. 

We hope you enjoy our alphabet movie!

The movie was done using a green screen. The third grade buddies gathered Creative Commons images and added them to a Padlet. The CC information is available in the Padlet. Click here to see the Padlet. 

Photo by Mrs. Yollis
We created this movie on the ipad using Do Ink, Padlet, iMovie, and the camera roll.

What what your favorite part of the project?

What are some additional facts you can share about your animal?

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tutorial: VCCV Spelling Pattern

Karissa and Keya had fun making a PuppetPals video explaining how to break words into syllables that have a VCCV spelling pattern. When you have a two syllable word with the VCCV pattern, break between the two consonants

Can you think of any words you can break using this VCCV tip?

Here are a few: 

rab • bit 

rep • tile 

can • dy

What did you think of their tutorial?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

New Blogger: Practice Makes Perfect

My third graders are starting to set up their own blogs using the GAFE platform. First, I set up a blog for the student, then I invited the student to join their own blog via an email invitation. Next, the student accepted my invitation. Because I do not want my students to use their real names, they signed in with the blogger profile. Students used a pen name so their real name would not show up on the blog. Parents are administrators too! 

Here is our newest blogger, Soccer Girl! She would love a comment or even just a ClustrMap dot!

What are some way you use to connect young bloggers?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

National Geographic Giant Traveling Maps!

Mrs. Yollis is a geography enthusiast! For many years, she has brought the National Geographic Giant Traveling Maps to her district. 

The Giant Traveling Maps are a fabulous, hands-on learning tool to help students develop a love of geography. We recommend you rent them for your school! 

Giant Traveling Map

 History of the Giant Traveling Maps! 

Activities and Materials that Come With the Giant Traveling Maps! 

What do you like about the giant maps?

Share something you know about geography! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

New Third Grade Bloggers!

Please welcome my new third grade bloggers! These are GAFE Blogger accounts. Parents are the administrators as am I. 

My new bloggers would welcome a comment or a ClustrMap dot!

What advice do you have to help my blogger connect with other classes?

What do you like about blogging? 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Biographical Bonanza!

biography is a true story about a person's life.
Mrs. Yollis' class is currently reading biographies about
people who have made significant contributions to our world!

Artists, inventors, statesman, composers,
doctors, inventors,
aviators, astronauts, and pioneers in many fields 
are among the amazing historical figures about whom we are reading!

We are each reading a library book, as well as doing research using
World Book Online.



After reading about your biography subject

please leave  a comment as if you are that person!

Be sure to include at least three facts you learned from your library book or the online encyclopedia. Try to use the HTML code to bold your facts!   DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! (Use your own words!)

Watch the comments to see if you can converse with another biography subject you may know!

Family members and friends: 
You are invited to choose your own biography subject and join in the conversation!